Equilibrium „Renegades Tour 2020“ + Lord Of The Lost + Nailed To Obscurity + Oceans

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Einlass: 17:30 Uhr – Start: 18:10 Uhr
Ticket: 28,00 Euro zzgl. VVK-Gebühr – Abendkasse: 35,-Euro



Anlässlich der Veröffentlichung ihres neuen Albums„RENEGADES“ werden sich Equilibrium im Frühjahr 2020 auf Europatour begeben, um den Fans das neue Material live vorzustellen! Als Direktsupport konnten die Hamburger Dark-Rocker von LORD OF THE LOST gewonnen werden; als Opener werden die Melodic Deather NAILDED TO OBSCURITY und die Newcomer OCEANS fungieren.

EQUILIBRIUM kommentieren:
„Wir können es kaum erwarten, wieder auf Tour zu gehen, um unsere Musik und die dahinterstehende Botschaft in diesen schönen Ländern zu verbreiten. Wir sind sehr stolz darauf, „Lord of the Lost“, „Nailed to Obscurity“ und „Oceans“ für diese Tour an Bord zu haben. Alle diese Bands sind einzigartig und wir denken, dass dieses Package eine ganz besondere Tour garantieren wird, die ihr nicht verpassen solltet!“

LORD OF THE LOST kommentieren:
„Wir freuen uns sehr auf diese Tour mit Equilibrium, denn es bedeutet neben einer spannenden musikalischen Kombination beider Bands auch das Entdecken von Neuland. nicht nur in Form neuer Länder und Städte, sondern insbesondere durch ein für uns zum Teil neues Publikum. Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass beide Bands die Fans der jeweils anderen Band zu begeistern wissen und können es nicht erwarten, mit Equilibrium loszuziehen!“

„ Nachdem uns bereits die erste Tour im Rahmen von unserem aktuellen Album „Black Frost“ vor so viele unterschiedliche Menschen gebracht hat, können wir es nicht erwarten, unsere Songs nun bald noch weiter zu tragen. Es dauert zwar noch ein Weilchen bis dahin, aber wir freuen uns schon jetzt riesig darauf, dass es endlich losgeht!“

Standstill is lethal.
In only one than a decade, Dark-Metalgroup Lord Of The Lost has become one of the most well established and prolific acts of the international scene. Founded by Chris Harms, initially as a soloproject, the Hamburg based band has long since been on conquering course in the lineup of Harms (vocals, guitar), Class Grenayde (bass), π (guitar), Gared Dirge (piano, synths, percussion) and Niklas Kahl (drums.)

The group’s sound has always been a sort of wild ride through amyriad of different dark genres, yet marked by a constant process of reinvention and an eternal clinch of melodies, aggression and emotions. Chris Harms rides his sonic juggernaut with vocal prowess and an ever impressive range of styles that can abruptly leap from a sonorous clear singing voice to brutal death growls or wild screaming.

With effortless grace, Lord Of The Lost manage to tackle quite contrasting musical extremes, incorporating ballads with hit potential, harsh Metalcore attacks, pompous concept albums and a soft spot for the outré, as exemplified in songs like the Latin Metal crossover fun “La Bomba”, into their trademark sound. It is little wonder, then that not even the symphonic excursions with their classically grounded Lord Of The Lost Ensemble on “Swan Songs” and the accompanying shows seemed like a contradiction to their wildly rocking regular releases like “Die Tomorrow” or “From The Flame Into The Fire”, but rather like two logical sides of the same coin.

On their 2016 release “Empyrean”, they have tried their hands at creating an Industrial Metal Space Opera and, instead of falling victim to their own ambitions, they actually managed to funnel their ass kicking power into a captivating concept work. Live, Lord Of The Lost are one of a kind. In terms of showmanship, relentless stage energy, an accessible presence and sheer madness, the five Hamburg based lads will give most current bands a serious run for their money.

Lord Of The Lost concerts are grand happenings of sweat, sex and rock’n’roll that have the group’s international fan base increase with each and every tour … and there is no stage from Berlin to Moscow to Helsinki that the group has not thoroughly rocked into the ground. Lord Of The Lost deliver in full and guarantee an unforgettable experience with highly addictive potential. In 2017 Lord Of The Lost have released their second ensemble album „Swan Songs II“ followed by the new full power rock album „Thornstar“ in 2018, whoch has climbed up to #6 in the Official German Album Charts. Everything stays different…

Formed in 2005 by teenagers Jan-Ole Lamberti (guitars) and Volker Dieken (guitars), NAILED TO OBSCURITYwent through the usual ups and downs as a band.The Germans took their name from a song of HATE ETERNAL’s debut album,»Conquering The Throne«, but that’s another story for another time. Mere months after forming, NAILED TO OBSCURITY issued their first demo,»Our Darkness«.

While most bands live and die on the possibility of signing a label deal, NAILED TOOBSCURITY persevered, releasing their debut album,»Abyss«, independently in 2007. Certainly, line-up shifts were part of the progression as a band, but Lamberti and Dieken-the band’s primary songwriters -pushed on, with Jann Hillrichs (drums) and Carsten Schorn(bass) forming the rhythmic foundation.

By the time,the group ushered in»Opaque«in 2013 and»King Delusion«in 2017 -both for German independent Apostasy Records-they were a different band entirely. BURIAL VAULT vocalist Raimund Ennenga had replaced Alexander Dirksin 2012,and the rest, at least for the present, is history. Today, NAILED TO OBSCURITY remain Lamberti and Dieken’s labor of love, but the duo are far from authoritarian in the way they write music. In fact, while the twoaxe-slingers comprise the creative core, NAILED TO OBSCURITY complete songs asa band.

They flesh out ideas, structures, and arrangements together, jamming infront of one another instead of the computer or bedroom wall. This is somethingthat persists to this very day. Even as recording technology advances at a franticpace and members of NAILED TO OBSCURITY are spread out over Germany, they still shack up on weekends in the rehearsal room in Esensto write together. That’s how new album,»Black Frost«, was born. Where NAILED TO OBSCURITY take»Black Frost«from here is on tour.

As much as the Germans enjoy the creative process and working in the studio, they are, in the end, a live band. A really good live band. They have the track record – where theywere either direct support for ARCH ENEMY, PARADISE LOST, and AT THE GATES or main support for DARK TRANQUILLITY- to show for it. Additionally, NAILED TO OBSCURITY have also performed in front of thousands at festivals like Wacken Open Air,Party.San Metal Open Air, and Bloodstock Open Air. So, watch out for NAILED TO OBSCURITY! They’ll be in everywhere in 2019 in support of»BlackFrost«.

All we know isjust a drop. What we don’t know is an ocean. Powerful as a tsunami and as eternal as the deep sea, OCEANS rose from the blackenedheart of the voidin 2018, embracing despair, wrath and darkness. The sails are set.

Modern Death Metal mixed with 90’s Nu-Metal elements and sphericalPost-Rock lead the way onto adismal journey into the abyss. The lyrics, drenched in desperation and pain, constitute a bittersweet hollowness, though, never without eyeing the piece of land on the horizon before being dragged back down intodarkness.

Behind the ambitious project are the musicians Timo Rotten (vocals & guitar), Patrick Zarske (guitar), Thomas Winkelmann (bass) and the Austrian J.F.Grill (drums). Professionality and lifeblood are vital parts of the quartet.

After many concerts and tour cycles through out Europe and North America with previous bands, the four musicians desire especially onething: to regainthe joy of music.

For three long years they worked on brand new song material and, in the summer of 2017, they resolved to form a new, yet nameless, band. In the subsequent December, the project obtained the name OCEANS.

In May 2018, after some months of preparatory time, the public gained knowledge of themusicians’ new passion project. The plan came to fruition and so, the #oceans tribe accumulated thousands of followers on their respective social media pages–even without their first release.

It wouldn’tbe long until the release of their first single ‘SCARS’. On July 27ththe song hitsevery digital download and streaming platforms together with a sinister music video.More singles and their first full length album are about to follow later that year.

Einlass: 17:30 Uhr – Start: 18:10 Uhr
Ticket: 28,00 Euro zzgl. VVK-Gebühr – Abendkasse: 35,-Euro