Sa, 20. Januar 2024


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Wederkeer Tour 2024

special guests: Nytt Land & Jonne

Opener: Tvinna

Einlass 18:00 Uhr
Beginn 19:00 Uhr




Brothers and sisters of the pagan metal brotherhood,


HEIDEVOLK are excited to announce that they are taking :WEDERKEER: into Europe in January. With us are the up and coming Neo Folk act NYTT LAND and the folk-duo of our friend Jonne (Korpiklaani). Expect an evening of Folk, Pagan Metal and Acoustic ambience at its best!


Nytt Land comments:
Siberian shamans Nytt Land return this winter to present their new epic „Torem“. Primal rhythms, sounding from the very depths of ages, and the hoarse, bewitching sound of a bowed lyre awaken in the soul something ancient, long forgotten.
And the unique natural voice of vocalist Natalia Pakhalenko, which ideally combines the vocal tradition of Northern Europe and Siberian throat singing, will become an almost tangible guide in this sacred travel between the worlds.


Jonne comments:
Jaana & I cannot wait to be on the road with our good friends from HEIDEVOLK & NYTT LAND. It will be our first tour and shows outside of Finland, so we are super excited. We will bring a new single “Tulilintu” coming out on 8 December.


Joining as special guests for Pratteln & Leipzig will be TVINNA (featuring members of FAUN & Eluveitie)